Sharon Ewing, owner of Ewing & Ball, began her lifelong dedication to sewing and textile education when, as a young girl, her Grandmother taught her to sew. A consuming hobby turned into the pursuit of an art degree based in the design, history and production of fabric through printing and weaving. After obtaining her degree from Philadelphia College of Art, she moved to England and continued her textile studies at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

After relocating to San Francisco, she started working in the interiors industry, and since 1994 has fabricated designs for homes in the Bay area and across the country. Her work has been displayed in many San Francisco Decorator Showcase Houses.

Sharon's extensive education and experience provides a strong foundation for her business, which enables her to offer sound advice to clients as to the suitability of a particular fabric and to address a fabric's durability, technical or aesthetic characteristics. Over 10 years of fabricating soft furnishings for interiors enables her to offer construction advice and solutions, ensuring that the finished design is how it was envisioned. Her understanding of woven fabric gives Sharon great insight as to how a fabric will behave and wear and her knowledge with printed patterns allows her to understand pattern repeat and placement, to make the best use of a fabric.

Let Sharon share her passion for what she does.